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General FAQs


Our factory in China, Quality Assurance (QA) procedures for each machine are developed and controlled by our engineering team. A Yornew employee audits the final QA on every machine at the factory prior to approving its shipment. Selection of high -quality casting materials,more compact.Yornew mini CNC machine is the most advanced human-machine communication interface, display the information from time to time by MPG handwheel convenient electronic control of each axis of movement. Embedded platform based on advanced control system, high reliability 7.5Inch high-resolution true color display, the appearance of a graphical interface, easy operation.Support U disk, USB, MPG, resume processing function of the breakpoint memory.
Yornew Mini CNC machine tools based entirely on the design and manufacture, reflects the structural integrity of facilitate future design ideas. a collection of double-nut ball screw, bearings and couplings with high precision positioning, while adding an oil lubrication system, to protect your machine precision, extended service life, You can expect every machine to meet the specifications recorded in our inspection report. The castings are high quality, using a resin-based casting system.
Currently, we do not have service technicians for local service. Our US-based technical support team is available via phone or email from 8am to 5pm CST, Monday through Friday, and can provide guidance on installation, troubleshooting, adjustment, and component replacement, but when it comes to measuring a voltage or turning the screwdriver, that's the machine owner's responsibility. The machines are designed for durability and simplicity; problems are rare and repairs easy. Nevertheless, there may come a day when someone on your end will need to make a repair. You must be comfortable with general electrical and mechanical repair concepts, including the appropriate safety procedures, before working on your machine. If you do not have the required skills you will need to find someone locally to assist you.
Our machines are generally ready for shipment within 5-7 business days upon payment being received in full. While freight times vary based on location of delivery, a more accurate lead time can be provided once a quote is submitted. Typically, for domestic destinations, our machines are capable of arrival in the matter of days .

Technical Support FAQs


Proper engineering of a stepper system is not trivial. The fact that stepper-driven motion control is commonly used on mission critical systems, such as medical equipment, is testament to the reliability and accuracy of the technology. The technology has been given a black eye by a few poorly designed machines offered by others, as well as a large number of hobby CNC projects.is simply not an issue.
If you have special needs,we can offer servo motor drive to ensure the shortest positioning time. Advanced digital software processing in the shortest possible time with high quality parts
The plastic surface is PTFE filled acetyl. Common trade names for this type of material are Turcite or Delron AF. The plastic slide surface is not just a coating, but rather a robust bonded strip, about 1/32” thick. This type of slideway was common on mills in the past, but now is only seen on expensive high precision machines such as Hardinge VMCs. The ways must be hand scrapped by experienced technicians. Many machine manufacturers have switched to linear rollers due to labor costs, but manufacturing in China allows us to provide this superior design at a low cost. It’s conceivable that the slideway could get worn out, but it would take a great many hours. To date, we have machines that have been in continuous daily service for over 5 years and have received no reports of worn out slideways . Additional engineering details of the slideway design can be found on page 8 of our PCNC Design Document.
We stock all replacement parts, and can provide overnight domestic shipment to the yor, if necessary. We also offer recommended spares kits and individual maintenance parts on our Upgrades & Maintenance webpage.
The spindle has a built in spindle lock. This allows a single wrench to be used for tool changing; freeing your other hand to prevent the tool from falling out after it’s loose. There is mechanical interlock on the spindle door, which makes it impossible to forget to remove the spindle lock before starting the spindle. Finally, there is an electrical interlock on the spindle door which prevents the spindle from coming on when you’re in the middle of changing a tool. We also offer a pneumatically activated power draw bar for wrench-free tool changing.
Yornew Mini CNC Machines is the most advanced human-machine communication interface, embedded platform based on advanced control system, high reliability, Using ARM high performance CPU and ultra large scale programmable devices FPGA, real time multi task control and hardware interpolation technology, to realize the high efficiency of μm-level precision processing,7.5Inch high-resolution true color display, the appearance of a graphical interface, easy operation,support U disk, USB, MPG, resume processing function of the breakpoint memory, The standard spec includes MPG hand wheel.,display the information from time to time by MPG handwheel convenient electronic control of each axis of movement. Optional siemens 808D or GSK cnc controller



CAD stands for Computer Aided Design - this is where you take your idea and turn it into a solid model / 3D image. CAM stands for Computer Aided Manufacturing - this is where you take your solid model and create the toolpaths that will be utilized by the CNC machine to produce your part.
Yornew supports UG,catia,edgecam,mastercam,cimtron,hypermill,powermill......
CAD systems do not directly interface with the CNC machine, so the only requirement of a CAD system to to be able to output a model in a format your CAM system will be able to use. All CAM system are compatible with a Yornew, as long as they can output industry standard Fanuc style G-code. Though you may need to have a post processor written or modified to being able to fully utilize all the functions PathPilot offers.